Does the thought of exams fill you with anxiety? You aren’t alone! Learn how to manage your stress. The key is to look at stress as a potential motivator in the right amounts. According to research, a certain amount of stress helps us concentrate, as long as we aren’t stressed for long periods of time.

Thinking about stress in a new way, as something potentially beneficial, can help us relax! Our reactions to stress can be either beneficial or destructive, according to author Peter Bregman. It’s worth reflection on what you do in response to stress. Do you clean the apartment? Avoid socializing?

Simply being mindful about your reaction can help you step out of it and find a better way to respond to stress. Here are a few ways to build health stress responses:


Try meditation to help you refocus. McGill Counselling Services has a number of audio recordings designed to guide you through the process.

Take Breaks

Long term stress is dangerous to your health. Be sure to take breaks and study for short durations if possible.

Talk to Someone

If you don’t have a friend or family member to talk to about your stress, try peer support! At McGill, the Peer Support Centre is a great free resource.

Get Active

If you need ideas on how to get active, check out this page. Even taking a 20 minute walk can clear your mind!

Take Care of Your Mental Health

Don’t be afraid to reach out and access professional help if your stress becomes too much for you to manage. McGill offers counselling and psychological services.With your MACES plan, you can access affordable mental health services. Read up on all the benefits of your health care plan!