Board of Directors

Elected by the students for a two-year term, the role of the board members is to lead and administer the affairs of the Association. The MACES by-laws define the role of the board members, their responsibilities, and rights.


Council members are elected every year and have a very important role in monitoring the performance of the Board members. The council serves to keep the Board on track in terms of its strategic goals and progress throughout the academic year. The council members are made up of 7-11 students from various continuing studies programs.

To read more about becoming a council member, please read the MACES by-laws.

The Council Members for the 2017/2018 academic year are:

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Every academic year, MACES delegates members to the McGill Senate Committees and Committees Arising from University Regulations.

The committee members for the 2017/2018 academic year are:

Academic Policy Committee: James Gutman, Diploma in Accounting
Committee on Libraries: Jamie Kelly, Diploma in HR
Joint Board-Senate Committee on Equity: Pierre Timotheatos, Diploma in HR
Committee on Student Discipline: Jamie Kelly, Diploma in HR, Nour El Darsa, Special Student


Minutes of Board Meetings

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Financial Statements

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MACES By-laws

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