Who we are

MACES offers the students of the School of Continuing Studies academic support, extensive services, and assist them in enhancing and expanding their professional network. We provide a warm and relaxed space for exchange between students coming from diverse backgrounds to gather, connect and grow collectively.

Maces was founded in 1989 by a group of continuing education students who collectively wanted an association to represent them and the rest of the student body at the School of Continuing Studies and at the greater McGill community.

Maces delegates representatives to the Senate of McGill University and to various Committees where they advocate for the needs of Continuing Education students.

Maces strives to represent McGill Continuing Education students whose common objective for enrolling in the school is to expand their horizons and strengthen their career paths with added learning and knowledge.

To provide SCS students with a supportive network and community, while facilitating access to resources and activities that will promote students’ well-being and help them achieve their goals.






Executive Team

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Vacant [/ultimate_modal]

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Sada Reddy

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Roubina Karaminassia


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Sean Murphy

Sean has a graduate diploma in Communication and Public Relations Management, has been a commercial and residential Real Estate broker working at Remax Westmount and lives in Pointe St-Charles. He served as MACES President from June 2015 to May 2017. Sean cared deeply about the social and academic resources available to continuing education students and worked tirelessly to advocate at McGill and throughout the greater Montreal community to bring their interests to the fore. He firmly believed in the important role that MACES and the School of Continuing Studies plays in preparing student professionals for the greater challenges in today’s world. He stayed accessible and was keenly aware of the honour of having the role of representing Maces.

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Jamiey Kelly


Chantal’s goal as VP Social Affairs was to facilitate networking opportunities and help bring the SCS together for a better overall academic experience and to open potential doors and opportunities for all students. A huge portion of learning and skill development happens through networking and our ability to learn from our peers. As VP Social Affairs, Chantal wanted to ensure that this was a possibility and a reality for all Continuing Education students.

Where we are

3437 Peel Street, Montreal,
Quebec H3A 1W7 Canada
Study spaces & Computer Lab: Floors 1,2,4
Office: Floor 3

Computer Lab: 1 (514) 398-5474
Executive office: 1 (514) 398-4974
Email: maces@mail.mcgill.ca