MACES Elections

MACES ELECTIONS has the main responsibility of running referenda and elections within MACES.

MACES ELECTIONS is run autonomously from the MACES Board of Directors to avoid any conflicts of interest. Elections are held on a regular basis for positions on the MACES Executive Board of Directors.  

MACES ELECTIONS’ mandate is to run accountable elections for members of MACES and to make sure that all students have an equal chance to vote, and that all candidates follow electoral procedures that are in place to ensure fair elections.

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Why you should run in the Elections

Become a student leader and join the dynamic and fun team of the MACES Executive Board of Directors! This is a unique opportunity to get more involved with university life and the McGill community and to put your professional skills to good use by improving the academic and social experience of everyone at the McGill School of Continuing Studies (SCS).
Plus, it makes a great addition to your CV!

How to Run

The nomination process involves 3 easy steps. To learn the details on how to run, who is eligible, and to see the list of all required documents, please click on the button below.


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Tell us why you should be elected, what makes you the ideal candidate, and what you want to do to make a difference for Continuing Education students?


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Elections 2020

Election Timeline

NOMINATION PERIOD: January 13 – 31, 2020

(EXTENDED TO February 14)


February 17 – March 1, 2020

Meet the Candidates: Friday, February 28, 2020

VOTING PERIOD: February 17 – March 1, 2020

Application Form

To learn details of the nomination process, eligibility, and see the list of required documents, please read the MACES Elections FAQ.


How to Vote

Voting is done electronically through an external link during the voting period. All registered SCS students are eligible to vote by using their student ID. Students get notified via email once the voting period is open. Voting is done in two easy steps and takes only 2 minutes.

MACES Elections Candidates 2020

VP Academic / Senator 1


The VP Academic Affairs/Senator 1 assists Continuing Studies Students with academic matters. Her or his responsibilities include monitoring the quality of courses provided by the School of Continuing Studies and communicating academic concerns to the McGill School of Continuing Studies. She or he must attend: the educational information week given every semester to students; the School of Continuing Studies’ information sessions; and any meeting involving academic affairs within the university. As Senator-1, she or he will have the title of Fellow of McGill University. She or he will be the Senator in chief and coordinate the action of the two MACES Senators (Senator-1 and Senator-2/Governor) in the Senate. In the Senate, she or he will represent the interests of the students registered in the School of Continuing Studies on the University’s highest academic decision-making body. The position requires regular attendance to Senate meetings that are usually daytime meetings.

‘Here for You!’

Hello! I am Dahlia Dias, and I am thrilled and honoured to be running for Vice President of Academic Affairs of MACES. I moved to Canada last year, as an international student, to pursue Graduate Studies in Management and Leadership at McGill.

I have 5+ years of experience with J.P Morgan & Co. as a Consumer and Investment Banker, advising clients and customers with their portfolios, and investment needs. I have also spent time managing, mentoring and training teams. I work hard to create a positive impact with every role I take on. I am also passionate about making a difference by volunteering and giving back to the community.


Plan of Action to rise together:-


Bridge the Gap

I decided to run for Vice President of Academic Affairs because I really care about learning and resolving challenges faced by students. My main focus will be bridging the gap between students, MACES and the University. I am approachable and easily accessible to assist students without any hesitation.

Perseverance and Commitment 

I am committed to take up the responsibility of raising concerns, ideas and interests of the students, to the University’s highest decision-making body. I will strive to create awareness, opportunities and increase the involvement of students in the University and MACES. I pledge to represent you, and incorporate your feedback, to help improve your experience here at McGill. I will ensure that students have a better understanding of the role of MACES in general.

Dedication and Accountability

I will dedicate my time in assisting students of McGill SCS with their academic matters for a better experience. I plan to observe and track the quality of the courses and programs, and help communicate academic concerns to McGill. I will be present at educational information week and all sessions held by the Continuing School.

Cooperate and Collaborate:

As Vice President of Academic Affairs, I will represent MACES and the views of the students at the Senate. I will also attend all meetings regularly and keep up with my duties. As a member of the board, I will cooperate and work closely with other members. I pledge to be responsible for academic relations between MACES and McGill under all circumstances with the guidance of the board. Additionally, I commit to cooperate with the team about academic matters,  events, and activities.

My vision for the McGill community is to help create memorable experiences. I am motivated to involve everyone and build a wider network for us. I aim to improve quality by being transparent, streamlining processes and finding the best solutions. It will be an honour to be elected as VP of Academic Affairs by you and I look forward to an incredible future.

My name is Amina Ijaz and I a senior year Continuing Education Student at McGill University. I am presently studying Human Resources Management which is a certificate at McGill university. There are a total of 30 credits that must be completed to fulfill the requirement of the certificate program of Human Resources Management. I have studied previously at Concordia University. I did a major in chemistry and a minor in political science. I graduated from Concordia University in 2015. Hence, I do have scientific experience and political science experience which gives me the academic background that will be helpful if I am elected for the position of VP Academic Affairs/ Senator 1.

My election platform 2020 is to make the life of a continuing education student more engaging and more fruitful for the success of their academic life at McGill University during the time they spend at McGill university. I am asking for a position of VP Academic Affairs/Senator 1 which will allow me to represent the interests of the students registered in the School of Continuing Studies on the University’s highest academic decision-making body. I am a current student at continuing studies at McGill University. Hence, I know what are the difficulties that the students are facing and I will be able to relate myself to their concerns and I would like to bring help as much as to give them the comfort that brings success in their academic life. From my prospective, when the students are facing high level of academic success their life at home and work also becomes fruitful and this is what attracts me towards this position because I will be part of the success of our continuing education students at McGill University. Continuing studies is taken by many different types of students who are working and studying at the same time. The students have big dreams when they come to a very big institution like McGill University. The courses are very challenging and can be demanding with the work schedule that students are experiencing in life. As Senator-1, I would like to make sure that the academic dreams of students are achieved and also the professional life that the students are starving for.

This position allows the elected person to monitor the continuing education courses and see the difficulties that a student might go over while taking the courses. The elected person will attend meetings and the elected person will have the opportunity to raise all the concerns and problems or issues that the students are facing and asking for change or asking for the needed help that will make their life a better place at university level and professional level at work. There are going to be a regular Senate meetings that will discuss and solve the students concerns to make a continuing education student better and fruitful for each and every individual who could like to take the challenge. The elected person will raise the issues during the senate meetings and will try to bring the solutions that are needed within the community to solve the concerns of the student body of continuing studies.

Hello, my name is Marco and I’m excited to be running for MACES VP Academic. I already have significant experience with student politics at McGill. I sat as the Education Representative to SSMU Council. I sat as a councillor on the Education Undergraduate Society, and then as its VP Communications the following year.



1) Increased Engagement: I will work to make academic affairs, the McGill Senate and involvement in University Committees more accessible to students. I will start a campaign to educate students on their academic rights at McGill. I also plan to increase student engagement with regards to the Senate.

2) Advocacy: My main goal is to represent students to the best of my abilities. I plan on holding office hours multiple times weekly and close to MACES and Senate meetings so students can bring to me their questions, concerns, and motions they’d like to have presented to Council.

3) Empowerment: I want to empower students through by starting a campaign regarding the Charter of Students’ Rights at the start of the school year. My goal is to make students more aware of their rights as members of the McGill community.  I plan to make this a focus of my term as VP Academic.

“Well-done is better than well-said” – Benjamin Franklin words. It is good to be a better doer than a good talker. I Natarajan Swaminathan, Student here at McGill School of Continuing Studies in the academic Program Integrated Aviation Management Contesting this year’s McGill Association of Continuing Education Students (MACES) Executive Board elections for the position VP Academic Affairs to bring much more strength to our academic regulations. First of all, my hearty congratulations to all my fellow students who are visionaries, enthusiastic and working hard in their Continuing education.

As Industries are constantly changing, it is required for professionals like us to stay current with the latest developments, skills, and new technologies required for respective fields. On this note, we need to thank our School of Continuing Studies on bringing much more Professionals from here to the future generations with greater individuality through the well-thought-out curriculum. We really enjoyed all readings and found they were diverse and inclusive like us, and we need to thank our faculties as well on their advice and guidance throughout our academic which paves way to transition into a professional program easier. At the same time, student learning in the academic cycles is not only meant to provide information, also enables to do extensive research when we think the information provided in our textbooks are worthy of being argued about.

The challenge of continuing education today is to offer experiences that provide students with opportunities to develop the understandings, skills, and attitudes necessary to become lifelong learners, capable of identifying and solving problems and dealing with change. Student’s community need to be able to communicate clearly, competently, and confidently from a broad knowledge base in order to make thoughtful and responsible decisions.

I always see success in learning to go with Giveaways and takeaways. As a motivated and McGill proud student and a passionate, I would like to have your support to build the student body much more diverse and inclusive, so that together, we can make these academic goals more efficient for all. Moreover, your support will ensure qualified professionals from any geographic region were supported in their goals to enter and complete the desired academic program at the University with confidence.

Leadership qualities in me are same like yours, had proven it on many occasions during my early years of Education. Being from society of engineers without borders, when we look up, it widens our horizons. In my previous tenure with different institutions and organisations have/had addressed many academic policies and provided the best solutions to the community.

I have a job ahead to work with you in a collaborative way to bring much more policy objectives which will ensure “we all came through with flying colours”. Why I am here? What difference I can make? What experience brings me in here? All have answers.

 I am one among you and proud to represent each one of you in your academic matter. Yes, together we will rise and win from now on.



PRESIDENT The President is responsible for overseeing the activities of the Board of Directors and Committees. The President has the following functions:

  • To preside and preserve order at all General and Special General Assemblies of members and Board of Directors’ meetings;
  • To call meetings for and set the agenda for the Board of Directors meetings; to coordinate relations between the Association and the administration of McGill University;
  • To represent the members of the Society and to ensure the long terms integrity of the Association;
  • To ensure that the By-laws of and policies of the Association are followed and enforced.

Candidates must possess at least a business level proficiency in English in order to carry out his/her responsibilities on the Board.

I believe that education is the key to success, and diversity is the spice of life. My name is Rod Louisa and I have over 15 years of IT experience with 8 plus years of IT consulting in Operations and Applications Performance Management. In addition, I have been to 24 different countries around the globe; I have had the distinct pleasure of working in six and lived in four of them.

I am very enthusiastic, goal oriented and a hardworking person. I hold three professional certificates (MCP (Microsoft) / CNET (Network) / ACT (Accounting), an Associate of Science (AS) degree in Computer Information Technology, and an Associate of Arts (AA) degree. I have earned two Bachelor Degree, one in International Business & Management (BAS-IBM) and the other in Information Technology Management (BAS-TECHMGT). I have also completed a Graduate Diploma in Entrepreneurship (GDE) and a Graduate Certificate in Leadership (GCL). My current educational and career goals for the next 5 years include obtaining my Graduate Diploma in Management, my Chartered Manager (C.Mgr.) designation and my Graduate Certificate in International Business at McGill University and an Executive directorial position in an IT driven organization.

I have served as the President of Student Government Association for my undergraduate (2003 – 2004); VP of leadership for Phi Theta Kappa International Honor Society, Tau Zeta Chapter (2003 – 2004); President for the Brother-to-Brother program (2003 – 2005), and an active member of the High Achievers club (2003 – 2005). I also served as the VP of Sigma Beta Delta Business, Management, and administration International Honor Society (2005 – 2007). Finishing a 2-year term as the VP Academic Affairs for MACES.

Since early childhood, the importance of Education was a constant subject in my household. I was repeatedly reminded of the role I had to play academically and closely guarded thereafter in order to prevail on the scholastic path. Now, as an adult I have firsthand experienced and witnessed the power, the status, the wealth that could arise as a result of a great education . I am a unique individual who has a passion for travel, cultures, learning and business. Moreover, I am motivated, intelligent, talented, articulate, and dedicated. I have outstanding leadership traits, with a measured approach to problem solving, with international professional and personal experiences. I am a forward thinker with a global mindset and I will absolutely be a great contributor to the McGill Association of Continuing Education Students (MACES) Board of Directors.

McGill ranked in the top 50 of the world’s universities and second among Canadian universities. The School of continuing study is an extension of this prestigious University. With many years of experiences in several educational boards, I do believe that one way to make a difference is to be involved. My goal for MACES is to continue the work we started in creating a more inclusive and sustainable community. So Classmates, Friends and Colleagues, I am counting on your vote for Rod Louisa as President.

VP Communications and External Affairs


The VP Communications promotes MACES to its members. She or he must elaborate, propose and implement MACES’ communication plan. She or he is responsible for any communication material published by MACES including: brochures, the website, a calendar of events, advertising materials, posters, and mailing materials. Further responsibilities include attending meetings involving communication, maintaining contact between MACES and organizations outside of McGill. In particular, the VP Communications will co-ordinate relations between MACES and external student organizations, governments, the media and the business community.

I am thrilled to nominate myself for the VP COMMUNICATIONS / EXTERNAL AFFAIRS. I believe both my educational and experience provide me with the needed qualifications to be the ideal candidate for this position.

Having worked within the industry for over ten years, I have developed a wide range of skills that would meet and exceed the expectations of the role.

Being enrolled in four different Programs at McGill School of Continuing Studies have provided me with a wide picture of the service provided in the school. In more details, I have graduated from the English for Professional Communication (CEEN) in May 2019; moreover, I have finished a Post-Graduate Certificate in Public Relations Management (CPRL) last term. Now, I am studying in the French for Professional Communication program (CEFN) and in Digital Marketing program (CMIS) which is another Post-Graduate Certificate.

Consequently, I will use this experience, in addition to my practical and academic knowledge, to help and solve other students’ issues.

In terms of my professional experience, I am working now as a Communication Manager at PB Pharma Company. I have acquired a useful academic knowledge from the Public Relation Managements program.

That’s why I will use it to propose and implement MACES’ communication plan that corresponds to students’ expectations.

Moreover, I am also working as a News Anchor at Radio Moyne-Orient, I have had a lot of experience in editing local, national and international news and I have developed my network with different media outlets. Being both a journalist and public relations practitioner have allowed me build practical relations with journalist through providing them with successful pitch stories.

As a result, I will be glad to be responsible for publishing MACES’ communication materials.

Before arriving to Canada, I worked for International Committee of the Red Cross as a communication representative. During my work with the ICRC, I have acquired an international experience in public relation and communication; in addition, I have developed my cultural awareness due to the fact that ICRC’s employees are from various cultures and societies.

In 2012, I worked for the BBC to cover Aleppo city news; based on my neutrality, the BBC producers nominated me to be a political interpreter for the Syrian news. Consequently, I made a lot of interviews to give explanations about the Syrian news coverage. Likewise, I made several interviews in English too with the CBC, BBC (UK), NPR radio (USA), AFP and other international media organizations.

In terms of my education, I have two BA’s degrees, the first in English Literature and the second in Journalism. I have also a Post-Graduate Diploma in media information, a Post Graduate certificate in Public Relations Management and a certificate in English for Professional Communication.

I hope this opportunity would allow me to focus and increase the services provided for our graduate students to be well positioned for the job market needs.

Thank you in advance for reviewing and considering my nomination, and I look forward to achieving our goals together.



Jack Kas Barsoum

I believe that I would be a good candidate for the VP Communications role both because of my skills and my enthusiasm! As a professional digital strategist, I have the necessary abilities to oversee the MACES website, schedule and create emails, and guide social media strategy. I have experience writing, editing, and publishing digital campaigns across a variety of platforms, and during my career I have crafted efficient editorial and promotional schedules, managed websites, and designed metrics reports for Google Analytics and social media accounts. In addition to currently pursuing a Graduate Diploma in Applied Marketing at McGill, I also have a previous Certification in Web Design from NVCC, and several online certifications through Google Academy.

I have seen that recently MACES has made great strides with their social media accounts, and I hope to continue that excellent progress! Furthermore, I would like to streamline the content that gets shared across social media, email, and the website. It would be helpful for students if all of the useful information we are sharing across platforms were easily available in one central location, like the MACES website. Leveraging the website and social media to display content from MACES students as well as MACES leadership could be another great way to use this public virtual space. Finally, I want to pay close attention to any questions MACES may receive about events, student services, etc. – if we are receiving a lot of questions about any particular topic, it means that we have room to improve communication about that issue!


During my time as an undergraduate student at McGill I helped co-found ISSA (Italian Studies Students’ Association), serving as both VP Finance and President. I also spent a limited time serving on the Arts Undergraduate Society’s Financial Management Committee. Over the last couple of years, I have worked as a freelancer and have become accustomed to juggling many different types of projects. Now I am back at school and eager to get more involved; I want to offer my skills to improve the McGill experience for Continuing Studies Students! I am very excited to have this opportunity to make a difference for MACES and its members. I am sure that I know many of you from classes and the various MACES events that took place last semester, and I look forward to getting to meet and work with more students in the role of VP Communications. I hope to bring my upbeat attitude, professional demeanor, and technical aptitude to work for you! Thank you for your consideration.

VP Finance


The VP Finance is responsible for the annual budget and financial administration of the association; to coordinate the Association’s annual reporting by ensuring that certified, audited financial statements are produced and submitted to the Board of Directors, Association’s members and the relevant departments of McGill University; to provide the Board of Directors with regular reports on the financial status of the Society; to develop the annual budget of the Society consistent with the Policy and priorities set out by the Financial Review Committee and the Board of Directors; to form and chair a Financial review Committee. Candidates must have experience in preparing budgets, demonstrate a strong background and experience in finance /or accounting.

‘’having a plan with money does not just help you right now but also gives you vision and hope for the end goal’’. Dave Ramsey

If there was one thing you could improve about services offered by Maces what would it be?

My name is Christo, I am a graduate student doing the graduate diploma in management and I am running for vice president finance of MACES.

Finance professional with previous experience in finance as a financial consultant specializing in audit and assurance services at big firm, conducted audit, worked on various companies’ finances, and financial statements, accounting advisory services, internal controls, process, and analytics. This knowledge of numbers and financial due diligence qualifies me to have the responsibilities of running your finances. This experience coupled with strong volunteering experience mostly in Africa, and right now doing volunteering work at Tyndale St-Georges community center.

So, what is on my mind, what can we do together and accomplish as a community?

  • To conduct the financial and business affairs of the association in a professional manner, with relevant standards as to maintain smooth operations of Maces activities and services,
  • I will take a closer look at the state of our finances, by looking at our revenues and expenses highlighting points and where we can make changes therefore balancing our books and leaving more money aside to use and invest it in academics matters,
  • On the budget, my main goal will be to make the process more easy, informative, and inclusive while taking student’s feedback. Therefore, enhancing our strategies to better divide the budget.
  • As a community Maces should look at students and their best interest , I will try to free up money in the budget to start a co-financing program of academic materials such as books for the needy and less fortunate, so as to lessen the burden on your shoulders,
  • As my team and I will be preparing monthly financial statements, and end of year financial statements, I will be transparent with the use of funds , on top of that every major project undertaken by the board and financed will be posted online, and mailed to students so as to foster the culture of accountability.

These are my main goals. What I offer to you is steadfastness, hard work, openness, and ability to work with other colleagues to make this objective set forth herein a success for everyone and to improve and become better. Vote for me and let us make this journey together and have a memorable year.

Dear MACES election team,

I am Nawal Alqudci and I would like to run for the position of treasurer / VP – Finance.

I hold a bachelor’s degree in Finance, Accounting & Management from the University of Nottingham, and I am currently pursuing Graduate Diploma in International Business. I am a governance specialist with more than 6 years of experience in Audit & Risk Management. I have worked in a consulting firm, oil & gas company and airlines before.

My experience includes analysing financial data in order to detect deficient controls, providing suggestions on ways to cut expenses and reporting any suspicious or fraudulent activity found. I am a meticulous person, good at locating potential problems and I am also an Associate Member of The Institute of Internal Auditors (AIIA).

I am curious by nature and passionate in making an impact through the projects that I have on-hand. Therefore, if I were elected as the VP of Finance, I will:

  1. Promote financial transparency:
    • Ensure that the MACES fee paid by all SCS student are spent diligently.
    • Provide update on MACES’ spending to all SCS student.
  2. Recommend ways to cut expenses / reduce the MACES fee paid by students, wherever possible.
  3. Ensure an effective internal financial process.

During my undergrad years, I have held a couple of senior positions in a student-run club. I was Vice President of Nottingham Football Club and the Female Futsal Club Manager. So, I have a general idea of what to expect in a student-run club/body.

I believe my experience, knowledge and skills make me an ideal candidate for this position. I would be honoured to be chosen as the VP of Finance and I truly hope to learn alongside a group of other brilliant students and faculty members.


Thank you.


Best regards,

Nawal Alqudci

VP Social

The VP Social Affairs is responsible for coordinating the Associations’ annual social, cultural and professional events approved by the Board of Directors. The VP Social Affairs has the following functions:

  • To oversee the social, cultural and other events;
  • To prepare the schedule of proposed events;
  • To present a proposed budget for Board approval;
  • To secure external sponsorship for events where possible.

Excellent inter-personal skills, communications skills and experience in event planning and management are an asset. Candidates must possess at least a business level proficiency in English in order to carry out his/her responsibilities on the Board.

McGill University is a place where students come from all parts of the world. School of continuing studies is an institution that is full of talented and ambitious people from all over the country and world. If given an opportunity to be the VP of social affairs, I will be thrilled to organize cultural, social and networking events that bring these talented bunch of people together and give them an opportunity to learn about the amazing people around them. I believe such events are important for the personal and professional development of all the students because it helps to understand the journeys and experiences of all the unique people around us and be a part of their exciting McGill journey.

I believe I am an ideal candidate for the position of Vice President of Social Affairs. The interpersonal skills, management skills, communication skills, organizational skills, and confidence I’ve developed through my experiences will help me fulfill my duties responsibly. I am enthusiastic to plan meaningful and interactive cultural and social events for the students of McGill School of Continuing Studies, and through these events provide them with a platform to make meaningful connections, learn about the amazing and unique people around them, and make their experience at McGill even more exciting and memorable.

I have experience in planning and organizing events and gatherings. I was appointed the cultural leader and house captain in my high school for a year and it gave me the opportunity to be organize and participate in various events in the school. I worked in my father’s hotels and restaurants before starting my undergraduate studies, where I learned a lot about planning social gatherings and events and organizing the best arrangements within a budget. Also, I recently participated in the McMUN 2020 conference and was among the very few volunteers from the School of Continuing Studies. My experiences have helped me realize the importance of unity and teamwork in the success of an event.

For me, becoming the VP of Social Affairs is a big opportunity to further hone my skills, and learn from the people around me.

Hi! My name is Dhabisha Kohilanathan, and I’m running in the 2020 MACES election to be your next VP of Social Affairs. I’m currently a student in the graduate-level Diploma in Management program at McGill’s School of Continuing Studies. I hold a Bachelor of Science degree in Microbiology & Immunology from McGill, and I am presently a Project Administrator at the university.

In the famous words of G.E.’s former CEO, “[Good leaders] create a vision, articulate the vision, passionately own the vision, and relentlessly drive it to completion.” As your next VP Social, my vision is to unite all SCS students and create a dynamic network that embraces life-long learning and new connections. Together we will execute this vision by taking our academic, professional and social lives to the next level.

Firstly, in terms of academic initiatives, I will work with the MACES board to create study groups so that SCS students can navigate through complex courses by collaborating with and learning from one another. Next, to help us advance our professional stance, I will organize alumni wine & cheese evenings that will allow us to meet, connect with and learn from SCS graduates who are now well-established professionals. I also intend to host TED-style symposia that will feature speakers from diverse career fields, extending from business and management to arts and entertainment. Moving forward, I will ensure that not only are we collectively thriving in our academic and professional environments, but that we are also connected outside of the classroom and office. I want to share my passion for travel, fitness, and adventure by organizing weekend and seasonal activities (apple picking, sugar shack), hikes, and game nights.

With all of these ideas in mind, I will transform them into tangibles by being an organized, detail-oriented and collaborative leader. As current Project Administrator at McGill, I’ve organized small- and large-scale events that involved overseeing their initial to final stages, managing $35,000+ budgets, and handling 300+ attendees. I’ve successfully secured new sponsors, obtained funding from stakeholders, and streamlined communication between numerous parties.

In closing, as your next VP of Social Affairs, you can rely on me to represent your best interests on the MACES board. We are all individuals coming from diverse cultural backgrounds, educational fields, and professional sectors. Ultimately, it is our shared vision of gaining life-long learning and genuine connections that makes SCS a community. ~

VP Academic Affairs / Senator 1

The VP Academic Affairs/Senator 1 assists Continuing Studies Students with academic matters. Her or his responsibilities include monitoring the quality of courses provided by the School of Continuing Studies and communicating academic concerns to the McGill School of Continuing Studies. She or he must attend: the educational information week given every semester to students; the School of Continuing Studies’ information sessions; and any meeting involving academic affairs within the university.

As Senator-1, she or he will have the title of Fellow of McGill University. She or he will be the Senator in chief and coordinate the action of the two MACES Senators (Senator-1 and Senator-2/Governor) in the Senate. In the Senate, she or he will represent the interests of the students registered in the School of Continuing Studies on the University’s highest academic decision-making body. The position requires regular attendance to Senate meetings that are usually daytime meetings.


POSITION: President

Candidate: Rod Louisa



Candidate: Nawal Alqudci

Candidate: Christo Ekofo


POSITION: VP Communications / External Affairs

Candidate: Giorgia Howe

Candidate: Jack Kas Barsoum


POSITION: VP Social Affairs

Candidate: Dhabisha Kohilanathan

Candidate: Krishna Arora


POSITION: VP Academic Affairs / Senator 1

Candidate: Dahlia Dias

Candidate: Marco Sgro

Candidate: Natarajan Swaminathan

Candidate: Amina Ijaz