MACES Elections

MACES ELECTIONS has the main responsibility of running referenda and elections within MACES.

MACES ELECTIONS is run autonomously from the MACES Board of Directors to avoid any conflicts of interest. Elections are held on a regular basis for positions on the MACES Executive Board of Directors.  

MACES ELECTIONS’ mandate is to run accountable elections for members of MACES and to make sure that all students have an equal chance to vote, and that all candidates follow electoral procedures that are in place to ensure fair elections.

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Why you should run in the Elections

Become a student leader and join the dynamic and fun team of the MACES Executive Board of Directors! This is a unique opportunity to get more involved with university life and the McGill community and to put your professional skills to good use by improving the academic and social experience of everyone at the McGill School of Continuing Studies (SCS).
Plus, it makes a great addition to your CV!

How to Run

The nomination process involves 3 easy steps. To learn the details on how to run, who is eligible, and to see the list of all required documents, please click on the button below.


Fill out the documents

Fill out the application documents and get them signed by at least five SCS students.



MACES ELECTIONS – Roles and Responsibilites_2018 Revision


Tell us about yourself

Tell us why you should be elected, what makes you the ideal candidate, and what you want to do to make a difference for Continuing Education students?


Send your application

Submit your application with the required documents by the application deadline.

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Elections 2018

Election Timeline

NOMINATION PERIOD: September 17, 2018 - October 28, 2018


October 29 - November 25, 2018

Meet the Candidates: Nov 22

VOTING PERIOD: November 12 - 25, 2018

Vacant Positions

[ultimate_modal modal_title="VP Communications and External Affairs" modal_on="text" read_text="VP Communications and External Affairs" txt_color="#006eb7"]

The VP Communications promotes MACES to its members. She or he must elaborate, propose and implement MACES’ communication plan. She or he is responsible for any communication material published by MACES including: brochures, the website, a calendar of events, advertising materials, posters, and mailing materials. Further responsibilities include attending meetings involving communication, maintaining contact between MACES and organizations outside of McGill. In particular, the VP Communications will co-ordinate relations between MACES and external student organizations, governments, the media and the business community.

[/ultimate_modal][ultimate_modal modal_title="Senator 2 / Governor" modal_on="text" read_text="Senator 2 / Governor" txt_color="#006eb7"]

The Senator 2 / Governor works closely with the VP Academic Affairs and with the VP Academic Affairs represents the interests of the students of the School of Continuing Studies on the Senate and Governors meetings; assists in the supervision of the Association’s student representatives in ad hoc committees of the Board of Governors and Senate of McGill University; reports developments from the Senate and Board of Governors meetings to the Board of Directors; coordinates with VP Academic Affairs regarding academic developments at the University


Application Form

To learn details of the nomination process, eligibility, and see the list of required documents, please read the MACES Elections FAQ


How to Vote

Voting is done electronically through an external link during the voting period. All registered SCS students are eligible to vote by using their student ID. Students get notified via email once the voting period is open. Voting is done in two easy steps and takes only 2 minutes.

Past Elections



Candidate: Avery Bonair-Cyrus



Candidate: Sada Reddy

Candidate: Carine Autin