by Amanda Rosenberg, MACES President (2023-2024)

While the holidays can be a time for family and celebration, they are not always the easiest time of year for everyone. Make sure that you use this time off from classes to rest, to relax and to reconnect with yourself. There are services both within McGill and in Montreal for any students that may be struggling and we encourage you to make use of them if needed.

  1. Try and keep some sort of schedule, it will make getting back into your academic routine less daunting.
  2. Listen to your mind and body. If you need to sleep, do so. If you are hungry, eat. Try and be mindful of your needs during this time.
  3. Do not overschedule yourself to try and make up for your busy school/work schedule.
  4. Do not compare yourself to others. Gift giving and receiving can sometimes make us feel like we are less than, but just remember that you are worthy regardless of what you can give during this time.
  5. Try and take time for yourself. Whatever that means for you, just make sure to do something just for you this time of year.

Happy holidays to you and your dear ones!