Understand the benefits of your MACES Plan! Here are four benefits you need to know.

Mind the Gap! Combine Plans to Maximize Coverage

Already covered under your a parent’s, a spouse’s or an employer’s plan? The benefits of your MACES plan can fill gaps! Submit claims to two insurers to cover gaps in coverage. Every plan is different – MACES’ Plan includes both Health and Dental insurance for one low annual fee. If your current plan doesn’t cover vision benefits, for example, you can rest easy knowing you have a plan B.

Don’t Worry About Getting Extra Travel Insurance

Caught the travel bug? Don’t get caught paying full cost for medical care in foreign countries. Even travelling to another province can be expensive if you require medical care. The MACES plan includes hospital, physician, and other services for emergency treatment of an injury or illness while travelling outside of the province in which you reside, as well as while travelling internationally.

Get Up to 100% Prescription Drug Coverage in Quebec

Quebec has a unique system for prescription drugs. If you do not have coverage from a private insurance that is not a student plan, you must register with the RAMQ Drug Plan. As a student with student insurance but no private insurance, you must first submit your claims to RAMQ and then to the MACES plan. By using both plans, you can get up to 100% of eligible prescription drug costs covered.

Take Care of Your Mental Health Using the MACES Plan

Protect your mental health! Our plan has you covered. Receive additional coverage when you visit a member of the Studentcare Network, which was developed in partnership with PsyMontréal. Rest easy knowing you can affordably use the services of a licensed psychologist or psychotherapist.

You may be thinking, “Great, now how does it work?”. If you have registered for 3 credits or more starting in September or January, then the cost will be included in your fees. International students are only automatically covered by the Dental portion of the Plan.

Intensive Language course and non-credit program students can self-enroll during the Change-of-Coverage & Opt-Out Period.