If you haven’t become familiarized with MACES through our previous blog posts, here is a summary of why getting more involved with (and aware of!) MACES is personally and professionally beneficial.

The Council

Running a campaign for a MACES position is an education experience – even if you don’t end up winning. Petra Oszetzky, former VP Communications/External Affairs was uplifted by her experience: “Sometimes you just need to stop thinking and go for it, even if it’s a long shot. Magic happens out of your comfort zone.” Read more about her experience.

The challenge of a campaign will flex your networking and interpersonal skills, so get out there next election! If you need even more reasons to run, read this blog post.

The Staff

Did you know MACES hires Lab Monitors? There are also opportunities to teach workshops and fill various roles. Be sure to follow our social media accounts and check your email for the latest postings.

The Space

The MACES Building at 3437 Peel is truly tailored to your needs. There is space for group work, computer work and independent study. To not take advantage of your home on campus would be a pity! Only School of Continuing Studies Students have access to the building.

The Health and Dental Plan

Make sure you’re aware of and take full advantage of your health and dental plan.  Access travel insurance, mental health care, and more! Need a quick summary? Read four need-to-know benefits of the plan.