If you haven’t become involved in a student government before, now’s the time! MACES is holding elections for two positions. Why run and why get involved? There are numerous benefits to both your professional and personal life.

1. Learn more about how your university works as an organization.

There’s a lot you can learn about the behind-the-scenes of a university by becoming involved in your student government. You’ll learn how to tackle complex issues and reach compromises with multiple stakeholders. If you are planning to work in a university, or any complex organization, this is great training.

2. It’s a learning opportunity – you don’t need to be an expert!

Joining your student government is an opportunity to try out new skills and test your leadership ability. You do not need previous experience in a student government to run and get elected. All you need is a vision on how you’d like to serve your fellow students!

3. Meet new people and work on your interpersonal skills.

Getting out there, introducing yourself to other students and working on your platform will help you work on communication skills. You’ll be working with others on the student government, as well as individuals involved in the university as a whole.

4. Time manage like a pro!

Taking on an new initiative, like joining the student government, will force you to learn to better manage your time. If you rise to the occasion, you’ll have greater confidence in these skills and proof of them for your CV.

5. Show employers you can lead.

If you don’t have a long CV filled with work experiences, a student government position is a great way to show you mean business. Solving problems in your government will show you can take the initiative in the workplace as well.

6. Navigate disagreements for long-term goals.

You’ll put your negotiation skills to the test. You may disagree with your fellow student government officials, and that’s okay! This is a prime opportunity to work on getting used to disagreeing and dealing with it in a healthy way.