Not sure what a campaign entails? Feeling unsure about running for a position in the 2018 Fall Elections? Hear from outgoing VP Communications/External Affairs Petra Oszetzky on how she succeeded and gained valuable experience.

MACES: Why did you decide to run for VP Comms?

Petra: I was relatively new to Montreal when I started McGill so I didn’t know too many people. The McGill School of Continuing Studies and my friends in my classes were my “community”. I felt I belonged to somewhere for the first time since I arrived to Canada, so I decided to get more involved. I worked in PR and Communications before, so it felt like a quite logical step to run for VP Communications. Also, I thought it was a great way to gain relevant Canadian experience, which was later proven to be true.

MACES: What helped you to overcome any fear of running?

Petra: It was challenging for me to get out there and tell people who I was and what I envisioned for MACES and its student community, but as so often in life, sometimes you just need to stop thinking and go for it, even if it’s a long shot. Magic happens out of your comfort zone. Sometimes you may still need a last small push and hear the right thing at the right time. For me, it was Sean Murphy, MACES’ president and my classmate at the time, who’s pep talk was just what I needed to send in my nomination papers.

MACES: How did you determine your vision for the role?

Petra: I tried to focus on what I could bring to the table as opposed to what to repair. It’s always easier to criticize than to come up with a new way of doing things or a project that carries real value for students. As Communications was my field, I knew what I wanted to put on the agenda to be more efficient, more consistent, more regular in our communications towards the community,

MACES: What was the hardest part about running?

Petra: I visited classes to reach as many students as possible and pitch them my program, but standing in front of a class of 70 students and trying to persuade them to vote for me was utterly terrifying. It was worth the effort though – I got elected.


Still not convinced you should run? Petra has made it easier by revealing her three top tips:

  1. Propose solutions to real problems – find what will have an impact on the student experience.
  2. Keep your thoughts and initiatives concise and clear.
  3. Get out there in person! Put up posters and chat to whomever you can. Every vote counts!

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