MACES Elections

MACES ELECTIONS has the main responsibility of running referenda and elections within MACES.

MACES ELECTIONS is run autonomously from the MACES Board of Directors to avoid any conflicts of interest. Elections are held on a regular basis for positions on the MACES Executive Board of Directors.  

MACES ELECTIONS’ mandate is to run accountable elections for members of MACES and to make sure that all students have an equal chance to vote, and that all candidates follow electoral procedures that are in place to ensure fair elections.

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Why you should run in the Elections

Become a student leader and join the dynamic and fun team of the MACES Executive Board of Directors! This is a unique opportunity to get more involved with university life and the McGill community and to put your professional skills to good use by improving the academic and social experience of everyone at the McGill School of Continuing Studies (SCS).
Plus, it makes a great addition to your CV!

How to Run

The nomination process involves 3 easy steps. To learn the details on how to run, who is eligible, and to see the list of all required documents, please click on the button below.


Fill out the documents

Fill out the application documents and get them signed by at least five SCS students.



MACES ELECTIONS – Roles and Responsibilites_2018 Revision


Tell us about yourself

Tell us why you should be elected, what makes you the ideal candidate, and what you want to do to make a difference for Continuing Education students?


Send your application

Submit your application with the required documents by the application deadline.

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Elections 2018

Election Timeline

NOMINATION PERIOD: September 17, 2018 - October 28, 2018


October 29 - November 25, 2018

Meet the Candidates: Nov 22

VOTING PERIOD: November 12 - 25, 2018

Vacant Positions

VP Communications and External Affairs
Senator 2 / Governor

Application Form

To learn details of the nomination process, eligibility, and see the list of required documents, please read the MACES Elections FAQ


How to Vote

Voting is done electronically through an external link during the voting period. All registered SCS students are eligible to vote by using their student ID. Students get notified via email once the voting period is open. Voting is done in two easy steps and takes only 2 minutes.

Past Elections

Candidates 2018

Senator 2 / Governor


The Senator 2 / Governor works closely with the VP Academic Affairs and with the VP Academic Affairs represents the interests of the students of the School of Continuing Studies on the Senate and Governors meetings; assists in the supervision of the Association’s student representatives in ad hoc committees of the Board of Governors and Senate of McGill University; reports developments from the Senate and Board of Governors meetings to the Board of Directors; coordinates with VP Academic Affairs regarding academic developments at the University

Dear MACES student body,

As the Senator 2/Governor, I will be committed to representing the interests of students of the School of Continuing Studies. As students, the post-secondary academic process may at times seem daunting. My objective will be to make your life easier by helping you through any and all academic matters that may come your way. I will focus especially on streamlining communication channels between the administration and the student body by working closely with both the VP of Academic Affairs.

I graduated from McGill’s Schulich School of Music in 2016 with a B.Mus in Music Research, but throughout my musical career I have been heavily involved in teaching music to children. I was a cello teacher for a wonderful music program that offered free violin and cello lessons to underprivileged children at different elementary schools in Montreal. During this time working as a teacher, I learned so much about the diverse walks of life that all people have. I understand that one’s experiences shape their outlook and that every person should be treated as a unique individual with unique needs. We are all far more than just a student number and I will make it my ultimate goal to facilitate a catered McGill experience for each of you.

My experiences working alongside several non-profit organizations in Montreal have seen me being an active member in creating an inclusive and sustainable community atmosphere. I want all students feel as though they can communicate with the administration. I want all students to feel as though they are valued members of the McGill community. Most importantly, I want all students to feel as though they have someone on their side with their interests at heart.

A vote for me will be a vote for in the right direction. We must move forward together adapting to, and preparing for the new challenges that lie ahead. We are all students, but it is up to us to make the most of the opportunities that are presented to us. I thank you all for taking the time to read my letter, and I wish you the best in your future endeavours.


Avery Bonair-Cyrus

2018 Nominee for MACES Senator 2/Governor

VP Communications and External Affairs


The VP Communications promotes MACES to its members. She or he must elaborate, propose and implement MACES’ communication plan. She or he is responsible for any communication material published by MACES including: brochures, the website, a calendar of events, advertising materials, posters, and mailing materials. Further responsibilities include attending meetings involving communication, maintaining contact between MACES and organizations outside of McGill. In particular, the VP Communications will co-ordinate relations between MACES and external student organizations, governments, the media and the business community.

Dear students of the McGill Community,

I wish to apply for the position of VP Communications and External Affairs at MACES. Being a MACES student myself, I understand our needs and expectations.

A little bit about myself: I come from Paris and I traveled across Australia for nearly a year prior to arriving in Montreal. I’ve been living here for the past seven years. It’s surprising how time flies, except when it gets cold and snows! Curious and outgoing by nature, I enjoy discovering new possibilities in different fields and I love getting exposed to different ideas and cultures.

In my opinion, the strengths of MACES are that we have access to high educational standards and can participate in the related activities offered by McGill University. We all come from around the world, bearing different life experiences and multiple expertises, to perfect ourselves at MACES. It is this network, built upon human interactions, which will be at the heart of my communication strategy as I strive to contribute to an excellent MACES experience for everyone.

Regarding the External Affairs position, I will put in place partnerships and promotional campaigns to enhance the strategic positioning of MACES, and its graduates, in the eyes of key partners and the public.

All of us wish to push the boundaries of our knowledge, including what we know about each other.

We are each a living book to discover. Let me be the first one on your bookshelf!

In sum, I have worked in business communication, digital marketing, web design, corporate partnerships and graphic design for over eight years in Paris and in Montreal.

Recognized for my creativity by past employers, I put forward innovative solutions while remaining a team player. I sincerely hope that you grant me the opportunity to put my skills to use for our communal benefit.

I will always listen to your concerns and give my 110% to help build MACES recognition at home and abroad.

In the hopes that I may represent you all,

Yours faithfully,

Carine Autin

Chers étudiants de la communauté Mcgilloise,

Je tiens à vous présenter ma candidature en tant que VP des Communications et relations extérieures pour MACES. En étant moi-même étudiante au sein de notre école d’éducation permanente, je comprends les enjeux et les attentes que nous pouvons avoir.

Pour vous parler un peu de mon parcours, je suis originaire de Paris et j’ai vécu près d’un an en Australie, je suis installée à Montréal depuis 7 ans, c’est étonnant de voir à quelle vitesse le temps file à part quand il neige ! De nature curieuse et sociable, j’aime découvrir et élargir mes horizons, les voyages et la culture propre à chaque pays me fascine.

La richesse et la force de MACES résultent selon moi du fait que nous avons accès à très bon niveau de formation et pouvons profiter des activités connexes organisées par l’université McGill. Nous venons tous des 4 coins du monde avec des expériences et des expertises multiples pour nous perfectionner à MACES. Par conséquent, l’idée de pouvoir nous réunir, former un réseau que cela soit physique ou digital pourrait être une belle opportunité de créer une expérience MACES appréciable pour nous tous et de mettre l’humain et les interactions sociales au coeur de ma stratégie de communication. Concernant les communications extérieures, je mettrai en place des partenariats et je réaliserai des campagnes de promotion pour représenter et valoriser MACES auprès du public et des institutions de références.

Nous avons tous l’envie de diversifier nos savoirs, apprenons à nous connaître, nous sommes tous des livres à découvrir. Laissez-moi être le premier sur votre étagère !

Pour conclure, car il ne me reste plus beaucoup de place sur ma feuille, j’ai travaillé en communication, marketing digital, web, relations entreprises, partenariats avec des écoles et associations ainsi qu’en graphisme pendant plus de 8 ans à Paris et Montréal dans diverses industries. Réputée pour être créative, force de proposition et avec un fort esprit d’équipe, j’espère avoir la chance de mettre mes compétences à votre service.

Je serai une oreille attentive face à vos attentes et me donnerai à 110% pour permettre à MACES de briller pour chacun de vous et à l’international.

Dans l’espoir de vous représenter.

Bien à vous,

Carine Autin

Fellow Students,

I am happy to announce my candidacy for MACES VP Communications and External Affairs.  I have taken advantage of many services Continuing Studies offers such as MACES social events, Speakers Series, and CATS workshops.  I know that my background and my studies in Public Relations and Communications at McGill has equipped me with what I need to be successful in this position.

My professional experience includes success in balancing business requirements with client/consumer needs at Accenture (formerly Andersen Consulting) for eight years, and at General Electric Corporation – Capital Services for four years.  At both organizations, I lead cross-functional efforts in multiple locations, worked in dynamic environments (independently and as part of a team), completed projects using various delivery methodologies, and collaborated with all levels of personnel.  I am currently working with Pickering Communications creating and executing public relations communications for various events.  My experience in consulting and the corporate world taught me to effectively create and execute a plan for any project, and that all initiatives undertaken will have a communications component; either internally, externally, or both.

In addition, I am passionate about giving back to my community and have extensive volunteer experience.  Highlights include being elected to the Board of Directors of my child’s preschool for 4 years; 2 of which I was elected President.  I was on the Community Events and Activities Committee for my borough for many years where we planned events and activities for our city.  In addition, I was on the Board of Directors for my children’s swim team for two years.  All these positions had large communications components – I had to work with other committee members and city councillors, write press releases, interface with the press, represent our organization externally to local businesses and vendors, run events, and ensure all groups operated in a legal and ethical manner.

I have spoken to members of the current Executive Team to get a better idea of what the Communication and External Affairs position involves.  One of the first tasks I will complete, if elected, is meet with the outgoing VP and Exec team members to find out areas they feel can be improved.  I will use these items to build out the existing Comms plan and support MACES in their mission to offer students of the School of Continuing Studies academic support and services and assistance expanding their professional network

I know that I can bring much benefit with my experience, educational qualifications and skills to MACES. Please contact me or find me in class if you would like to discuss my qualifications further, or just to say “hi”. I hope you will consider voting for me and allowing me to represent you.


Sada Reddy

VP Academic Affairs / Senator 1

The VP Academic Affairs/Senator 1 assists Continuing Studies Students with academic matters. Her or his responsibilities include monitoring the quality of courses provided by the School of Continuing Studies and communicating academic concerns to the McGill School of Continuing Studies. She or he must attend: the educational information week given every semester to students; the School of Continuing Studies’ information sessions; and any meeting involving academic affairs within the university.

As Senator-1, she or he will have the title of Fellow of McGill University. She or he will be the Senator in chief and coordinate the action of the two MACES Senators (Senator-1 and Senator-2/Governor) in the Senate. In the Senate, she or he will represent the interests of the students registered in the School of Continuing Studies on the University’s highest academic decision-making body. The position requires regular attendance to Senate meetings that are usually daytime meetings.