You’ve likely heard about how running for student government elections is great for developing your communication and leadership skills. There are also many reasons to follow the campaigns of candidates and vote. The MACES 2018 Fall Elections are moving along, so get to know how they affect you and why you should vote!

1. Have an impact on issues directly related to student life.

Your student government is making decisions that affect you, from what kind of events happen to what resources are available. The Senator 2 / Governor position impacts how your concerns are communicated and heard. Vote for candidates who provide solutions that you want to see happen.

2. Feel empowered by choosing the candidate you’d like to represent your interests.

Have an issue with curriculum or your classes? Get to know the important roles! The Senator 2 / Governor position is open for Fall 2018. This position will directly represent the interests of students at Senate and Governors meetings.

3. Observe and learn! Follow the campaign of a position you may want to run for in the future.

Even if you don’t choose to run for the same position, it’s beneficial to follow the development of campaigns from start to finish. Notice which candidates you feel naturally drawn to and why. Their leadership and communication skills may be inspiration for your professional life as well.

4. Better understand how your student government functions.

Ask candidates about the positions they are running for. They’ll likely have a unique take on it beyond the job description. You’ll learn more about their piece of the puzzle and feel more engaged in your student government community.

5. Feel more engaged in your community.

Going out there and talking to candidates, as well as your fellow students, about issues that matter will increase how engaged you feel in your community. It’s all hands on deck!