Make the most of your McGill experience! University is more than just completing courses and connecting to the workplace. It’s an opportunity to develop your interpersonal, written and verbal communication skills, as well as discover new interests. McGill offers a rich array of experiences and events for on-campus and off-campus students alike.

1. Take on a leadership role.

MACES nominations are now open – this is a great opportunity to develop your leadership and interpersonal skills. Learning how to work well with others and execute ideas is essential to working life. Practice those skills in a supportive environment! Watch for a blog post coming soon on the positions open for nomination.

2. Meet other students.

Though you may think you have more in common with students in the same program, don’t forget to branch out. Many students have interesting stories of moving to Montreal and unique cultural perspectives to share. Create a support network that will last long after your studies have finished. Build it by attending McGill SCS and MACES events, and participating in job fairs. You never know who you’ll meet!

3. Build healthy habits.

Focus on building healthy habits while you study. Use free or more affordable tools and resources that are available to you as a McGill student. Check out student rates for the McGill Sports Complex and Fitness Centre – some fees might already be included in your student fees! Don’t forget to use your MACES Health and Dental Plan and start taking care of your health affordably. If you need encouragement to get active, join groups like the McGill Outdoors Club.

4. Get to know your instructors.

Your instructors at the McGill School of Continuing Studies are connected to the workforce. Get to know them and learn from their experiences. Make your instructors part of your professional network – you never know where it may lead!

5. Take advantage of tutoring.

Did you know that you can access writing tutors at the McGill Writing Centre? This free service is invaluable to your future career. Writing is how you’ll demonstrate your intelligence, which is just one of many reasons to develop this skill while studying.