JOB TITLE: Computer Lab Monitor

TERM: Part-time, to start ASAP

REPORTS TO: Chief Operating Officer/Building Director

PLEASE NOTE: The ideal candidate must be available to work on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 10:00 am to 4:30 pm and Fridays from 10:00 am to 2:00 pm.

Job Summary

MACES is looking for Lab Monitors responsible for providing assistance to MACES members not only in the Computer Lab, but also in the study and lounge areas. This individual is the first point of contact for students seeking technical help with computer related issues, such as McGill University network login, MINERVA access, and wireless log-on issues. The Computer Lab Monitor is required to perform basic computer troubleshooting, including specific software and printer maintenance. Computer Lab Attendants are responsible for maintaining a clean, quiet work area for students.


1. Primary responsibility is to provide student support and customer service.

2. Ensuring computers are functional and ready to use by students

3. Be present, visible, and available to students, and staff requiring technical assistance.

4. Oversees and supervises students in the computer lab.

5. Research for solutions to questions that you are unfamiliar with.

6. Reports problems with hardware and software to the Building Director; and escalates requests to ICS



To perform this job successfully Computer Lab Monitor should demonstrate the following competencies:

Analytical: The ability to research unfamiliar technical issues, and learn new software and hardware applications.

Problem Solving: Identify and resolve technical issues in a timely manner. Gather and analyze information to either resolve the issue or escalate the issue to the Building Director.

Technical Skills: Demonstrate the ability to logically solve basic technical issues.

Customer Service: You are the face of MACES and are required to help support its members. Respond promptly in a friendly and helpful manner to questions. Demonstrate patience and persistence when helping difficult or emotional students. Maintain a good attitude when repeatedly answering the same questions to the same students.

Interpersonal Skills: Effectively and courteously helps students with technical issues and answers basic to intermediate software issues. Offers to help them find answers to problems or sends them to the next support

tier (Building Director).

Oral Communication: Ability to explain technical issues clearly and concisely.

Teamwork: Share information and collaborate on technical issues. Willing to help each other cover hours as needed.

Quality Management: You are the face of MACES’ technical support and are expected to put students’ needs above working on your personal projects and assignments.

Attendance/Punctuality: Ability to manage time.

Dependability: Dependability in following schedules and procedures.

How to Apply

Anyone interested in applying to this position is required to submit their cover letter and curriculum vitae to the MACES Building Director, at