Volunteering at MACES and for the broader McGill community is life changing. Just ask Nour El Darsa. Volunteering shaped her academic path towards International Corporate Law.

Nour added a Law and Society minor to her Psychology degree at Concordia thanks to new-found interests and confidence. Nour is also a McGill SCS student finishing a certificate in French for Professional Communication. At MACES, she volunteered for the Events Committee in 2017. Hear about her journey and other volunteer experiences below!

MACES: What would you say to someone who’s not sure how MACES works or isn’t sure how to get involved?

Nour: I would explain what volunteering stands for and what they can expect. Volunteering is one of the most interesting things you can involve yourself in. You can gain confidence in social interactions by being placed in the toughest situations. You will have to believe in yourself – if you want something you will have to work hard for it. Keep on going!

MACES: What was most memorable from your time volunteering?

Nour: On the MACES Events Committee, I was responsible for organizing events, assisting the board in planning and budgeting. I am thankful to Valerie Ndiweni, the Chief Operating Officer at MACES, for giving me the chance to begin my journey. On the MEDLIFE team at Concordia University, I worked for low income families as a Director of Volunteering. I would like to thank Mr. Saad Razzaq for believing in me.

If I may add, I felt proud when I volunteered with the Dean’s Office Code of Conduct & Disciplinary (CSD) process. During the meetings, two lawyers entered the room and I started hearing two different cases. I felt proud I would be finding a solution. I would like to give a special thanks to the CSD for giving me the opportunity to bring the best out of myself.

MACES: How have you applied these skills in your career life?

Nour: My aim is to be a lawyer. Volunteering helped me develop my communication skills and to be more confident in social settings. Most importantly, it helped me to understand that we need to help everyone because we are all equal. Positivity is another strength I developed.

MACES: Could you tell me more about your volunteering with the Conference of the Americas on International Education (CAIE)-CANADA 2017?

Nour: I welcomed 640 delegates that comes from 29 different countries and helped the event run smoothly in different rooms. I had to speak in English and French.

MACES: What makes MACES and the McGill community special?

Nour: It has been a pleasure to be part of those two communities. McGill connected me with a lot of kind hearted people and made me believe that nothing is impossible. If we work hard for it, we can attain our goals no matter what. I have the privilege to say that I am proudly McGillian. It is from the bottom of my heart and with a great pleasure to end this interview by saying, “McGill! You are a second home. The dream will never end, it continues. Keep it up!”