After Halloween, winter quickly approaches! Here are a few tips from your friends at MACES on how to stay healthy during the shift in seasons. Those new to Montreal need extra support during this time to adjust to the winter. Remember – your MACES Health and Dental coverage includes coverage for mental health!

Maintain Your Social Connections

With the change in weather, many people tend to self-isolate. Many with depression or seasonal affective disorder (SAD) feel this change even more, but it can impact anyone. Make an effort to make social appointments with friends and acquaintances. A proactive approach prevents you from reacting when things get too bad to put an effort into this realm of your life. Be sure to attend upcoming MACES events! Read more on this topic from Psych Central.

Get Outside

Even going out for a quick walk can help you get your heart rate up and lessen the chance that your mood will decline with the change in the season. Read more about the research. Getting outside also exposes you sunshine. Invest in light therapy if you feel there’s been too many grey days in a row.

Healthy Eating

Getting enough vitamins and a variety of food groups is key to your mental health. The McGill Wellness Hub has a large amount of resources and recipes.


If the above are not working and you feel you need additional support, remember that your Health and Dental insurance covers the use of psychological health professionals. View more information here.