We’ve shared events for practicing your networking skills in our last blog post. Did you know you can also start off your networking success via online connections? Knowing your platforms is important. This blog post breaks down how you can find new contacts and leverage existing ones for your job search. Remember – the MACES Facebook page, Twitter, and Instagram page are always here for you to connect with as well!


Your LinkedIn profile will require polish before you use it for networking. Make sure as many fields as possible are filled out and that your profile is completed with a professional headshot (or, at least a good quality high res photo!). An important piece to add to your profile before you reach out is recommendations. Ask your former managers and co-workers for reviews. You need to attract as many quality connection requests as possible and hone your professionalism!

Once your profile is set up, start reaching out to potential connections with a personalized message. Do not send the automated message that comes up when you send a connection request! Craft something personal, even for those you know (it’s good practice!). Use the five Ps as demonstrated in this post by Wordstream:
Polite, Pertinent, Personalized, Professional, Praiseful

Once you’re connected with someone you want to be meet up with in real life, make sure you are clear on the purpose of your meeting – getting to know the industry, sharing experiences, asking about their company, ect.


Twitter may not be your first place to look for jobs, but it’s a great place to “listen in” on what influencers in your community are saying. With your account, you can have your say in conversations and share your own knowledge. Visibility can be useful, so go get out there!

Start following companies that you’d like to work for,  and if you’re lucky they will follow you back! Not only that, but you may hear about job opportunities right as they are posted. Twitter isn’t as important as LinkedIn when it comes to professional networking, but it can still lead you to opportunity. The Muse offers a few tips for both Twitter and LinkedIn.


You may have completely dedicated your Facebook page to personal use, but don’t forget its professional applications. Did you know you can create a list of all your professional contacts on Facebook and customize your privacy settings so you control what they can see? Mashable outlined the steps here. You can also join professional groups that may include job postings.