If academic achievement is your focus, take note it’s not the only ingredient to success. Self-knowledge and peer learning achieved through getting social helps you compete in a complex world, according to Forbes.

Lana Kobeici, MACES VP of Social Affairs, is here to make socializing while studying easier. Kobeici views socializing as learning. “Each event is an opportunity to expand a person’s network and to learn from each other, on a personal, academic and professional level,” explains Kobeici.

For students who live far from campus or work full-time, socializing is a challenge. Balancing family, work and school can make socializing feel like a low-priority. However, support from your peers is a great way to keep yourself going during stressful moments. “Attending events may help [students] share their thoughts with [other] students who are in the same boat,” adds Kobeici. “Also, it is a great way to make new connections for students who are new to Montreal.”

Attending MACES events helps newcomers to Montreal to build roots and locals can meet students  from all over the world. “Compared to other schools, the School of Continuing Studies [has] a diverse community: varied ages, cultures, nationalities, and  different professional experience,” she add. “This creates the beauty of our School.”

The first event of the year, the Back to School BBQ on Sept. 28th, is an opportunity to reap the benefits of socializing and to get to know your community. “I am hoping that attendees will get a chance to meet new people, create new friendships, and feel that there is a student community at MACES,” elaborates Kobeici.

Small steps create big results, leading to a greater sense of community. “Eventually, when the attendees go to their classes, they will start recognizing people who were at MACES events,” explains Kobeici. “That is how a community is built.”