We’ve gathered up networking events that you need to know about this Fall! There’s something for everyone. Getting out to events is essential for you to practice your elevator pitch and communications skills. You never know who you might meet.

Choose events that will work for you – select them by industry or event format.

General networking events

Some networking events are very broad and can allow you to maximize the diversity of professionals you’ll meet. If you are just starting out networking and aren’t sure of what path to take, this type of event can be a good place to start. Check out the Montreal Networking Group geared towards entrepreneurs. Their next event is on October 22nd.

What’s Up Events is hosting networking events that are ticketed, but include refreshments. Their next event is happening on October 8th, so act quickly.

On October 15th, try Speed Networking for Professionals! It’s a great way to meet people in a structured format.

Industry specific events

In Montreal, you’ll find many tech industry networking events. If you are interested in tech, here are a few you can try. Jumio AI is hosting an event on October 18th that’s completely free. However, it’s very specific to AI.

StartUpTech Montreal is a meet-up that’s more generally geared to start ups and any interested professionals. They meet regularly, and their next meet-up is October 15th. Regular meet ups means it’s easier to build a community.

Inclusivity-focused events

Many companies are seeking to increase the diversity of their employees and to encourage marginalized groups to enter their industry. If it applies to you, this is a great way to find community.

Special effects, gaming and animation is another industry to watch in Montreal. This event on October 17th hosted by Q-VFX, a LGBTQI+ community hub for many companies and professionals in this industry, is completely free. Registration ends October 10th.

A similar event is happening for the tech industry in general. Attend this meetup for LGBTQ community members interested in tech and start ups. It’s free and happening on October 24th.

If you are part of the disabled community, try out the “Completely Inclusive Accessible Networking Night” on October 16th at Promo 21 Print Shop. This event is in celebration of Disability Employment Awareness Month (DEAM). The event will be wheelchair accessible and ASL and LSQ interpretation will be available upon request.

If you are woman-identified and interested in new technologies, this tea and networking event could be for you. It’s offered by the group StarTop on October 22nd.

Social Networking Focused

#LinkedInLocal will help you grow your local LinkedIn network in a flash! You’ll also receive expert networking tips. It takes place on October 10th.

Start your own meet-up if you don’t see something that suits your interests or needs! You control what the topics are and the rules! If you don’t see it, create it.