Natarajan Swaminathan, Integrated Aviation Management Student, talks about some healthy habits that he adopted during this period, and shares a thought-provoking video that shows what the airlines are doing with their airplanes during the pandemic.

Has the pandemic forced you to change your summer or fall plans?

Natarajan Swaminathan: I like to use weather and aviation analogies – When we make weather predictions or plan for hurricanes, we don’t just plan based on one thing, the same Can’t be said for this pandemic. It has forced me to change all of my plans, goals I had set for myself at the start of 2020 –  summer jobs, initiating a scholarship drive, pilot Workshops, etc…Most of the things I was trying to implement are dependent on people being able to meet in person so many have been put on hold and there is a lot of uncertainty as to when things will go back to “normal”.

What is the best video you have seen that could only have been made during these COVID-19 times?

Natarajan Swaminathan: Global airline travel has been dramatically affected as a result of the corona virus and as a result, the airlines have been temporarily storing their fleets at select locations to wait out the current crisis.  Flying over the planes:  Where did the airlines park their airplanes? // WOW!!!

Have you developed any habits that you will continue once life gets back to “normal”?

Natarajan Swaminathan: I am proud to say that I’ve picked up healthy, positive habits during the coronavirus lockdown — here are the ones I hope to continue with after restrictions are lifted

  • Being at home has allowed me to start managing my personal finances better.
  • Meditating is also something I’ve adopted.
  • Spending quality time with my family has been a bright spot (Virtual Meet). I’ve also made virtual get-togethers with friends who live far away from me.
  • Cooking fun new recipes in the kitchen has allowed me to break out of my routine.
  • Jogging  (attached Video)