The pandemic has surrounded us in sadness.  Giorgia Howe, MACES incoming VP Comms, shares some funny videos than can only have been inspired during these COVID-19 times. You probably have your own favorites…please share them in the comment section.  We can all use a smile right about now.

“One night I was feeling very stressed and couldn’t sleep, so I started searching online for what I can only describe as “pandemic advice parody music videos.” I found hand washing PSAs, grocery store etiquette guides, and sneezing choreography memes in every language. It really hit home how widespread the pandemic was, how global the scope of the virus – but it also made me realize how, all over the world, people were using humor to deal with their stress and help educate their communities and countries on how to stay safe. Some of my favorites were this Swiss parody video, this Vietnamese PSA song, and this Italian news autotune.”

Has the pandemic forced you to change your summer or fall plans?

Giorgia Howe: Over the summer my only “big plans” were to spend a few weekends camping – one of my favorite pastimes. While it might be difficult to head south to parks in the United States, if they open up certain parks in Québec I would love to explore campgrounds where I haven’t spent much time in the past! This summer it might be difficult to visit big cities, take flights, or travel internationally, but I hope that it will still be safe to spend time outdoors and enjoy the weather.

Have you developed any habits that you will continue once life gets back to “normal”?

Giorgia Howe: My mom teaches yoga in the evenings, but her classes have been cancelled during the shutdown. Because she isn’t leading in-person classes these days, her and I have been getting on a video call a few times a week in the evenings to do a yoga class with friends and family. It has been such an important part of my schedule since the lockdown started, giving my days more structure, creating a time to spend virtually with a group of people, and of course getting some activity during a time when gyms are closed and people are generally walking around less. I have really enjoyed this kind of physical exercise and mental relaxation in my daily at-home life, and hope to continue even when everyone gets back to their regular schedules!