Fall is approaching and it’s a good time to take stock of your skills. What skills are in demand and what programs or courses exist at the School to strengthen you in those areas?

Communication Skills

Writing in your second language in the workplace can be a huge headache. There’s nothing more stressful than having to send an urgent email while second guessing yourself. Did you know the School offers Online Written English and French programs? It’s a great way to additionally strengthen your language skills while staying home.

If writing in English is your area of difficulty, then look no further than the Writing Centre. Along with tutor services, the centre also runs a number of courses. The Professional Writing in Business course starts in Fall and helps you communicate effectively for successful business planning, strategizing, and development.


Maclean’s noted Public administration director as one of ten top jobs in Canada. How do you get there? If you have a background in Business, Law or Social Sciences, supplement it with a program or coursework specific to public administration (and don’t forget your French skills!). Do you have digital skills? The public service in Canada is increasingly looking for both administration know-how and digital savvy. The School offers a Certificate (Cert.) Public Administration and Governance to beef up your preparedness for the job.

Tech Skills

Montreal is face becoming an AI hub (stat). The stats say it all – the number of AI jobs posted doubled in 2017 and entry-level data scientist the best paid entry-level gig in Canada. Did you know the School is part of this wave with two programs to help you enter the industry? Check them out.

Digital Marketing

Social media isn’t slowing down anytime soon and digital marketing is still a top career. According to Ranstaad, “With 7 or more years of experience, you can expect to make upwards of $80,000”. The number of job titles you could hold is fast expanding and shifting. The Professional Development Certificate in Digital Content and Community Management is designed to help you find your place with the right skillset.