MACES is committed to making sure that you have access to as many services as possible during your time at the McGill School of Continuing Studies and beyond. We are currently holding two referendums to confirm if students support the implementation of two new services – a Virtual Health Care Service (provided by Dialogue) and a new Legal Protection Program.

Your participation in the referendum is vital to our ability to continue to advocate and increase the service offerings available to you as students.

Virtual Health Care (provided by Dialogue)

  • Unlimited medical care with bilingual health professionals available 24/7, 365 days/year across Canada
  • Doctor consultations for diagnosis and prescriptions within 60 minutes during the day and within 120 minutes in the evenings
  • Prescription renewal and free delivery to your pharmacy or door
  • Specialist referrals and lab requests
  • Navigation to local resources to book medical appointments
Virtual Health Care FAQs

Legal Protection Program

  • Legal assistance helpline: unlimited access to a helpline through which to consult a lawyer on any legal question to obtain legal guidance, opinion, and advice
  • Legal representation: a lawyer would take charge of proceedings related to housing, employment, academic, small claims, civil mediation, and human rights disputes
  • Lawyers’ fees would be unlimited in the areas of disputes covered by the Program
  • All this would apply to legal representation for as long as the case requires (e.g. a housing dispute taking two years to be resolved) even if the member were no longer a student
Legal Protection Program FAQs

You can vote online between March 26 – April 9, 2021 visit to #VOTE on both services. You will need to log in with your McGill email ID and password.If you have any issues logging in please email the MACES CRO at for assistance and provide your McGill email address.

The voting process should only take 2 minutes. Please take the time to share your opinion.