MACES Referendum 2019

The School of Continuing Studies (SCS) has been offering a number of services to support its students and recent graduates as they prepare for the job market or a career transition over the course of their studies or upon graduation.  Since the last referendum in 2016, the School has provided more than 10,000 students with career development events, workshops, individual advising sessions, an annual job fair, and more, with limited resources.  With each of us having varying professional goals, it has become more and more important that specialized career services are made available to SCS students if we are to achieve our individual professional goals.

In response to the high demand for these and other services, SCS intends to introduce the SCS Career Development Success Package which includes services from two main units: Career Advising and Transition Services (CATS), and the McGill Writing Centre (MWC). The all-inclusive package includes the following service offerings:

  • Individual Advising and Coaching
  • Professional Transition Series Workshops
  • Job Search Series Workshops
  • McGill Writing Centre Tutorial Service
  • McGill SCS Job Fair
  • Networking Events
  • Influencer Talks: 5 à 7 style industry presentations
  • Soft skills Training
  • Experience Hire Recruitment Events
  • Online interactive career resources and support
  • McGill SCS Job Board (in pilot)
  • Mentorship Program (in development)
  • Integrated Internships (in development)

MACES is asking you an important question! All currently enrolled students are asked to participate. The online referendum vote is taking place March 18 – 29, 2019. Vote now by visiting


MACES Referendum 2019: The SCS Career Development Success Package FAQs

What is CATS?

The Career Advising and Transition Services of the School is tailor-made to meet the specific needs of SCS students and provides a diverse range of career services geared for professional learners. Find out more about them by visiting


What is the McGill Writing Centre (Tutorial Service)?

The McGill Writing Centre (MWC) Tutorial Service (TS) provides opportunities for all McGill students to refine their writing skills in one-to-one sessions with experienced tutors and seasoned writing instructors. MWC tutors work with students at every stage of the writing process—from outlining to final revision, and on texts of various lengths—from one-page personal statements, to extended research papers and business reports. To find out more about the MWC visit their website at


What is the overall inherent value of the SCS Career Development Success Package?

Individual services included in the SCS Career Development Success Package would typically range from a few hundred dollars for individual consulting, and upwards of $2000 for professional development workshops. The overall value is dependent on which services you use.


Do undergraduate and graduate students in degree programs pay fees for similar services?

Yes. In fact, they pay a mandatory not opt-outable fixed fee (approximately, $153.91 per semester) for these and other services. Continuing Studies Students have the option to opt in by paying $176.96 per term, and do not have access to campus services without opting in. In addition to the student services ancillary fee, certain career-related activities and services require an additional charge. To compare fee structures visit


Who does this fee apply to?

All students enrolled in credit and non-credit SCS programs are subject to this SCS Career Development Success Package fee.


Are SCS alumni eligible to use the SCS Career Development Success Package?

With the exception of the MWC Tutorial Service, all SCS Career Development Success Package services are open to SCS alumni.

Who has benefited from CATS services?

 Since 2016:

  • 8,000 + SCS students and alumni are assisted by CATS through coaching, activities, and events
  • 2,000 +  SCS students and alumni have participated in CATS events
  • 2,000 + SCS students and alumni have met with a CATS advisor for coaching
  • 1000 +  SCS students and alumni have attended the last three SCS Job Fairs

What happens in the event of a *No* vote?

In the unfortunate event of a *No* vote or a failure to meet quorum, some services would have to be eliminated, others would have to be limited and, in addition, no further program development and/or expansion could take place until and if a future referendum would pass.


When and how can I vote?

The referendum period is from March 18th to March 29th, 2019.  Vote electronically by visiting: You will need to login in with your McGill email and password. If you are having trouble logging in please contact the MACES CRO at