MACES is currently holding a referendum, March 30 – April 12, 2022, to decide if YOU support the renewal of the MACES Health and Dental Plan. The voting period is now open, and the deadline to vote is April 12 at 11:59 p.m. Your participation by virtual vote is vital to our ability to continue to advocate for and improve the service offerings available to you as School of Continuing Studies students.


You may be asking yourselves, why are we holding a referendum for the Health and Dental Plan?

The Health and Dental Plan is up for renewal, so we need students to decide what type of coverage they would like to have available moving forward. MACES last held a referendum on the Health and Dental Plan five years ago, in which students voted to implement the plan through 2022. It is now time for students to review the Plan, and vote on their coverage for the next five years. Rising usage of the MACES Health & Dental Plan has led to a projected cost increase. This referendum will see if students would support a fee increase to help us explore more coverage options.

The Health and Dental Plan gives eligible students access to:


MACES Health and Dental Plan

  • Available to all students who are MACES members registered for 3 or more credits (including dental coverage for international students to use alongside their International Health Insurance)
  • Covers services such as pharmaceutical, psychology, dental, vision, physiotherapy, chiropractic, and more
  • Comprehensive health insurance that is often less expensive than other group plans, and can be extended to cover spouses or dependants if needed
  • Can be combined with employer, spousal, or parental insurance for greater coverage


You can vote online between March 30 and April 12, 2022. Visit to #VOTE on both services. You will need to log in with your McGill email ID and password.If you have any issues logging in please email the MACES CRO at for assistance and provide your McGill email address.

The voting process should only take 2 minutes. Please take the time to share your opinion.