Lucky for us, 688 Sherbrooke West, the School of Continuing Studies’ home, connects directly to the Montreal underground. If you are new to Montreal, the “underground city” is the connected web of office towers, residential buildings, shops and restaurants that exist at the Metro level. You can connect directly to the Metro level by going down a floor from the main floor at the foyer of 688 Sherbrooke. You’ll connect to a series of tunnels. In the winter months, it’s a vital way to protect yourself from icy sidewalks and cold!

If you are buying a lunch, here’s a quick list of restaurants that will keep you both warm and full.

Sandouchon – Peruvian

Craving a burger, yet want something different for a change? Check out Sandouchon in the Les Cours Mont-Royal shopping center. Continue to walk through Place Montreal Trust to get there!

Olly Frescos – Buffet

A bit closer to home is Olly Frescos, found in the Promenades Cathédrale (access from the McGill Metro station). If you can’t decide what you’re craving, you’ll find nearly every type of dish here. Just watch out! The buffet items charged by weight can add up fast.

Hinnawi Bros Bagel and Cafe – Bagels

For local flair, check out this nearby joint. You can access it without going outside by turning left towards the A&W entrance in the tunnel that leads to the McGill Metro station from 688 Sherbrooke, and access the bagel cafe from their back door.

Lee and Kim – Korean 

A tiny booth sells Korean snacks and lunch right in the middle of the McGill Metro station before you buy your tickets. Try the two onigiris for $6! They are portable triangle sushi sandwiches.


When all else fails, there’s a Subway in nearly every mall surrounding the School!