Exams run from December 5th until the 20th this Fall semester. Are you ready? Here’s our three step guide to getting ready.

Get the Information

The first place to check for information is the exam schedule. Download it here. Search for your course code in this document to find the details for your exam. If you aren’t sure where the listed location is, check this website.

Know the Regulations

Get your McGill ID handy – you must have it at the exam! It’s a good idea to check through exam regulations before you go. For example, it’s important to have your cellphone turned off and not in your possession during the exam – don’t have it on you or on the desk! It’s your responsibility to be familiar with all of the regulations.

If you think that you have a conflict with your exam, you can check this page to see if it qualifies. Vacations do not count as a conflict!


Finally, once you have your exam schedule in your calendar and you’re familiar with procedures, take some time out and do something relaxing. Here are some ideas:

De-stress and Sketch is presented by the McGill Visual Arts Collection and takes place at the Visible Storage Gallery. The  works in this gallery are usually in storage – imagine a Group of Seven painting left in storage! Get some doodling and sketching done in this fabulous place on December 12 and 17 from 4:00 PM to 6:00 PM at the Visible Storage Gallery, 4th floor of the McLennan Library Building.

The Wellness Hub has a host of resources. Use this tool to figure out what you might need during the exam season.

Access meditation from one of several groups offering sessions. It will relieve your mind and restart it for your next study session!