Now’s the time to fully enjoy the campus without threat of snow or cold weather! Even if you don’t have courses on campus, connect with the green spaces on campus to build your roots.

There is a large amount of research that shows the benefits on mental health and productivity of having plants and flowers even indoors. If you don’t have any, then head outside!

McGill Community Garden

McGill has an official community garden complete with a diverse array of veggies and a bee hive! At the Three Sisters Garden there’s Strawberry Popping Corn, Summer Squash, Green Climbing Bean, and more! The Free Skool associated with the gardens offers place-making and creative workshops. Learn more!

Courtyard by SSMU in Brown Building

Did you know there are community gardens and green spaces all around campus? In 2017, a community garden was completed by the Brown Building. Watch for upcoming events in this space!

Roslyn Robertson Herb and Scent Garden

This garden has been running since the 1960s. It’s between Lady Davis House (3654 promenade Sir William Osler) and Hosmer House. Go for a smell!

James Sculpture Garden

Located just past the Milton gates, spend some time relaxing in this green space and sculpture garden. If you are more stimulated by art than nature, then this is for you!

Create Your Own Garden

Have an idea for a garden? You can start it yourself with the help of Sustainability McGill! Get a few McGill SCS friends together and get growing.