During your time at McGill, you’ll continually discover and re-discover hidden secrets and learn more about what it means to be a McGillian. Here are ten things you may not have know about McGill!

1. The School of Continuing Studies is one of the biggest schools on campus! In 2018, there were 3,209 students at the School. We’re bigger than the School of Music and Law combined!

2. McTavish street is a wonderfully calm part of the campus. It wasn’t always pedestrian friendly! For Montreal’s 375th anniversary, McTavish Street was transformed into a green and sustainable walking space. It’s part of the Fleuve-Montagne promenade, which leads all the way down to the Old Port! Follow the route one day!

3. The McGill Libraries have great e-resources! They spend 80% of their budget on online resources verses 20% on print. There are almost 2 million e-books in the collection!

4. There’s a farmer’s market! Visit the market on McTavish street starting July 11th until October 24th, 2019 every Thursday from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. You can also get invovled by volunteering.

5. Many music events are free! You can check out world class performers every week if you want to.

6. The Redpath Musuem is the oldest museum in Canada that was specifically built to act as a museum. Built in 1882, it serves today as an important branch of the university to support research and study on collections.

7. Have you heard about le French Side de McGill? It’s a project of the School’s that offers resources to improve your French!

8. Are you looking for a ride share to get out of town? Check out the SSMU Marketplace – there’s also a ton of other services and things for sale.

9. There’s a Mental Health Hub resource where you can find a range of services in one place.

10. McGill is now offering free online courses called MOOCs, which seek to engage learners from around the world. Check them out here.