Though your classes may be finished for the academic year, don’t forget to stop by campus and other McGill spots for learning and events. Here are some highlights this summer you can book into your calendar.

Redpath Museum Tours

Right next door to McGill SCS, the Redpath Museum has a lot to offer. Did you know the rocks in buildings have amazing stories to tell? Take a Stones and Fossils Walking Tour through the downtown core! There are also tours available of local trees.

Try Open Air Pub!

Come see local artists and musicians with a McGill twist! Open Air Pub is an event in August organized by McGill engineering students especially for McGill students with a student ID!

Enjoy the McGill Outdoor Farmers Market

Starting July 11th, take a relaxed stroll through the market. It’s far less busy than the big ones in Montreal and you’ll get to know fellow McGillians.

Have a picnic on the Lower Field

Take advantage of the Lower Field while the weathers’ good. There are also picnic benches scattered throughout campus. Less classes means a more peaceful campus! Summer is a great time of year to enjoy the outdoor spaces without the hustle and bustle of spring or fall classes.

Take a tour of McGill’s public art

If you haven’t already, get to know McGill’s public art. Free tours happen every Wednesday for 45 minutes starting at noon. Take advantage while the weather is warm!

Visit the Gault Nature Reserve

Although by no means on campus, have you heard about the beauty of the Gault Nature Reserve? Go on a hike and discover it for yourself.

Get some ice cream!

Did you know Frostbite, the Engineering-run ice cream shop on campus, runs throughout summer? Grab an affordable cone without the long lines and crowds of ice cream shops in the city.