Nour El Darsa  talks about using downtime during the pandemic to develop and nurture healthy habits.

What has been the biggest challenge for you during the past few weeks of social distancing?

Nour El Darsa: The biggest challenge is not being able to socially interact with people. It can really be tough especially when you are extraverted. That being said, I have accumulated a lot of healthy habits, and exercising happens to be one of them.  I will definitely continue exercising after this pandemic comes to an end.

 Do you have any tips for SCS students on how to stay social while physical distancing?

Nour El Darsa: I would suggest walking on the treadmill to get rid of the stress, anxiety, and depression that people are facing throughout the course of the day. Listening to music while cooking or stretching to pass the time. Social media usage like Zoom and/or Skype to stay connected with their families back home and friends, and mostly, to fulfill their duties. We cannot forget about those who are still pursuing their educational career through online courses. This is also a great way to cope with this unfortunate situation. Let’s stay positive, empower each other, take chances, dream big, and mostly, believe in ourselves no matter what. If you made it this far…be optimistic and keep up the great work.

Do you have a favourite book, article, workout routine, movie or TV series, playlist, or anything else to recommend to students?

Nour El Darsa: On Netflix, I would recommend “Suits”. For fitness, I would recommend pilates. For books, I would recommend:

  •  « The culture Map » by Erin Meyer, breaking through the invisible boundaries of global business.
  •  « Put your dream, to the test » by John Maxwell
  •  « The law of business organizations » by Robert Hamilton, Jonathan Macey, and Douglas Moll
  •  « Les deux premieres minute d’une rencontre » by Lyne Sperandio