by Kristel Véliz  (LinkedIn Profile:éliz, Instagram: @well4less )

Just when we think we have gotten used to the post-Covid world of zoom, masks, sanitizers and other pandemic essentials, Fall Term suddenly arrives. Of course, this makes us excited (finally, some sense of normalcy back!), but it also makes us wonder how on earth we are going to cope with the pressures of both work and studies plus the pandemic! 

While remote is not necessarily the rule for everyone on the job front, it is for most of us who are studying. As we have seen over the last few months, trying to work and study from home has its benefits. However, it can also mean messy schedules, blurred lines between the personal and the professional, and (needless to say) sky-rocketing stress levels. 

So, how can we keep everything together? Juggling jobs and studies was already hard before the pandemic (!) 


Photo by Bich Tran from Pexels

Create a schedule and do your best to keep to it: Depending on your type of jobstudies, and your own habits, you might have a floating or fixed schedule. The important thing is to prepare one, to recognize and acknowledge its characteristics, and to do your best to stick to it! Don’t forget to self-monitor and see if it is actually working for you (i.e. you should be having more stress-free than stressful moments!) If it isn’t, remember: You can always make changes. 

Sometimes changing will come at a cost, but it is doable – it is up to you!


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Set firm boundaries:  Whether it is work, family, social, or school life, it is important to balance our time and leave some room for self-care. When you notice that too much of something starts making you feel bad, anxiousor stressed, take a pause! Do a little bit of introspection to see what it is that you are missing. Is it a (socially distant) cup of coffee with a friend? Is it more time for yourself and less socializing? Or is it a 15minute walk in nature? Take firm action to say no to whoever or whatever you feel is pushing you in the wrong direction and take care of your needs. Of course, in the real world there are often many demands hovering around us, but negotiate as much as you can. It is important to achieve a balance between respecting your boundaries and needs, and addressing the needs and demands of others. Don’t forget that just because you may be spending more time at home does not mean you are 100% available!  


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Communication: Even though communication has never been faster or more  accessible thanks to technology (hello Zoom!), it is not perfect. Signals go down, apps need updates, and sometimes there are just glitches (c’est la vie!) If you feel something was not clear enough in a call or meeting, ask for as much clarification as you need. What was obvious for us in a meeting in person may not necessarily be clear now that we are all in different individual bubbles. While sometimes it can feel repetitive or embarrassing to question things that seemed straightforward in our pre-pandemic life, well – now they might not be as obvious or simple. Don’t be afraid to ask to prevent misunderstandings from snowballing or to avoid cramming for something at the last minute. 

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Keep calm and surf through change! I know, for me too – easier said than done But remember that this is all new to everyone! And, as with anything new in life, there is an adaptation process that will take placemeaning it will take some time to break into the new routine – just like with jeans, provided they are the right size for you! Try to be gentle to yourself. Recognize when you should go with the flow, and when you should step up your game in adapting! Balance is always the key.