Dhalia Dias

VP Academic Affairs / Senator 1 (2020-2022)


“I need to talk to someone.” That’s honestly how it all started. I came to Canada as an international student without knowing anyone here or the whereabouts. During this time, just like many of my other fellow students, I had questions and needed assistance.  


My natural instinct to help McGill SCS students turned into a pursuit of making information and resources available to many as quickly as possible. From not knowing anyone, to connecting people to one and another – this was a tiny gesture of giving back to the SCS community. 



The purpose of putting you first  Every day when I log in to my mailbox, answer your phone calls, or meet you virtually through zoom meetings, my main goal is to find you a solution or to connect you with someone that will listen, provide assistance and guide you in the best direction. Yes! You have help available all day, so do not hesitate to reach out! 


Empowering students and their rights – this is one of the most courageous acts of leadership I exercise through MACESBridging the gap – through advocacy and representation of your views, thoughts, feelings, and fears at the Senate, with the leadership of our school, and on various committees haalways been one of my top priorities. Integrity, humility, and empathy have been the most important aspects of my life that have helped me make the most balanced yet righteous decisionsThis is something I bring to MACES as well. 


At McGill, there is no place for discrimination of any kind. We are all equals and should be treated equally. At MACES, we invite each and every one of you to come and be a part of our community. 


Why MACES? I realized that sometimes, we need to step into roles that bring constant support and positive change. During these times we need to trust ourselves and be the leaders that we often try to find in one another. Running for Vice President of Academic Affairs was definitely one of those moments. 


Learning leadership at McGill is an experience on its own, but getting the opportunity to practice it the right way has a great effect on self-development, collaboration and team building. These experiences make you confident, allow you to ask valuable questions, and help you find progressive ways to create an impact. 


Let me tell you a little bit about my teamWe are a group of diverse and welcoming individuals who come from various backgrounds with different experiences. When we meet to share ideas, our common goal is to build a safe space for each other. 


I know that the pandemic has shifted our lives quickly and unpredictably, but it would be great to hear some fresh ideas. If you have the time and are resilient, empathetic, and passionate about improving student’s lives, then you should definitely consider running for a position with MACES in the upcoming election. See you soon!