Make a great impression this holiday season. If you are an introvert, or networking makes you feel overwhelmed, read on for tips and resources. A great place to practice networking and taking the spotlight is the Nov. 22nd 5 à 7 MACES Networking Event

Find books that acknowledge new ways of thinking about networking.

For introverts, focusing on your strengths rather than the challenges of networking is key. Devora Zack asks in her book, Networking for People Who Hate Networking: A Field Guide for Introverts, the Overwhelmed, and the Underconnected “What if we reframe networking as an opportunity to create meaningful connections, requiring skills such as listening, focus, and depth?” Instead of thinking about networking as a superficial charisma game, think about how you can make meaningful, quality connections using your skills. Extroverts can learn introvert skills, like listening and focus.

Get expert advice – visit CATS or attend a workshop.

Career and Transitions Services (CATS) is especially designed for McGill SCS students. Practice your networking in a supportive environment before the big holiday parties! They offer a Networking Bootcamp & Brunch regularly. Meet some of your McGill SCS colleagues and get expert advice on your elevator pitch. The next event will be on Dec. 8th.

Try meditation to recharge.

The holidays demand a lot of energy. Be sure to take time out to meditate and calm your mind. There are several resources available on campus. The McGill Office of Religious and Spiritual Life offers a free meditation space for full-time students if you don’t have quiet spot at home to use.

Practice with friends using the MACES building.

You can set up your own practice networking event with a few friends if you are feeling very nervous. Although it won’t be the same as a real networking event, you’ll be able to give each other constructive feedback and test out different ways of introducing yourself.Reserve the conference room in the MACES building for a quiet space to practice!