by Kristel Véliz


When I started writing this post, I thought about focusing on ideas about how to best combine studying and much-needed downtime. Then I thought, screw it, what we all need to do this week for our mental and physical health – whether you are studying or working – is just get outside! Not that the former is not relevant, but I think the latter is rather urgent in our post-Corona world.

As the second lockdown eases in Québec, we are now allowed to do outdoor activities with up to 4 households. Come on, this is luxury these days. So, take all precautions, keep your distance, have your mask ready and sanitizer in hand, and get moving!

Voici some suggestions:


Photo by Brooke Lewis from Pexels




A classic that never gets old! Try to avoid the weekend to skip the crowds.


Parc Angrignon

Over 200 acres for your walking/running/skating/snowshoeing pleasure!


Parc Jean Drapeau

Just a few metro stations away from downtown, it offers skiing trails and, surprisingly, natural spots for climbing!

Photo credits: Parc Jean Drapeau


Need more inspo? TimeOut Montréal has a list with 15 local park recommendations. Of course, if you have a car and can escape the city, even better!

Nature and physical activity play such a big role in our mental and emotional health. They are essential for keeping our lives in balance and giving us a clearer mind when exams or work (or life for that matter!) pile up.









Photo credits: Photo by Tim Gouw from