Seeking the ideal refuge to focus on your studies? There’s no shortage of spaces around campus, the city, and at MACES, to find your groove in. Burning out studying on your own? Consider studying as a group to mix it up and get feedback. If you haven’t found your ideal spot yet, read on for some suggestions.

MACES computer lab, spaces for studying and bookable conference room.

We’re right next door! Don’t forget that you have access to a whole (beautiful!) building dedicated to McGill School of Continuing Education learners. There’s a variety of options at 3437 Peel – choose from study tables, computers or book a conference room to study as a group.

Quiet study spaces in NINE different McGill Library locations.

For an exhaustive list of library study areas, check out this list. The Birks Reading Room in the Birks Building is particularly great for those who need complete silence. Take virtual tour before you go.

Book a study room in the McGill Libraries.

If you want to study in a group, yet in a quiet environment, try study rooms in the libraries. You can easily book it online, taking the guess work of knowing if there are enough free tables. Book a group study room.


A new trend in cafe studying is offering a flat hourly rate for all you can drink beverages. If you have time to travel further afield to Old Montreal, visit Anticafé. You can stay all day and enjoy unlimited beverages for a fixed rate. A great option for those who like to camp out and get comfortable with ambient noise around them.

Pikolo Cafe

If you need excellent coffee and a social environment to keep things interesting, try Pikolo. It’s on du Parc and close to campus.

Humble Lion

Another great option for a traditional cafe environment is Humble Lion. It’s so close, it’s practically on campus.

BAnQ Bibliothèque et Archives nationales du Québec study rooms

If rooms are booked up on campus, consider this option. The building is beautiful!

Atwater Library

While not close to campus, this library offers a cosy quiet zone with several tables. This library is volunteer-driven and operates outside the city library system. Too out of the way? Look for a library in the Montreal city system near you.