Perhaps this summer you’re writing an important article or essay, or developing personal projects. There are an unlimited number of ways to jump start your creativity. Here are a few ways to get going.

1. Try using Tarot cards to shake up your thinking.

While you can get a reading from a professional to shake things up, you can also pick up a deck and do your own exercises. Tarot cards are often beautifully illustrated – pick out a card and imagine how it relates to your situation, project or essay. Believing in the fantastical and imaginary can break your pattern of thinking too logically. Check out these tips for further help on the topic.

2. Get out into nature.

It’s scientifically proven! Moving away from your screen and into nature will replenish your brain energy. Screens actually decreases overall cognitive resources by placing stress on the prefrontal cortex. Read more about what researchers are discovering.

3. Take a photography break.

Forget about using your phone for anything else but taking pictures! There are so many areas in Montreal that will make a pretty postcard. Go out at discover them! You’ll be ready to refocus with a new perspective.

4. Volunteer your time.

Though having less time might seem counter-productive, volunteering will open up new vistas. You never know when an idea might strike – maybe you just need new environments and situations to inspire you.  Try donating your services to  a cause that you are passionate about and connect with others with similar interests. If you need further ideas, check out this article.

5. Doodle more!

Despite common perceptions, doodling is not simply silly business! Creativity doesn’t just arise from serious activities. Doodling can help your brain focus and problem solve. Still aren’t convinced? Read about why it isn’t something to be dismissed!