Improve your sense of connection! The School of Continuing Studies’ students often live far from campus, increasing the difficulty of staying engaged and accessing resources. It’s important to remember that MACES and other McGill organizations have resources to help support you. There are ways to stay engaged without needing to travel to campus.

Talk to a librarian – online!

Are you stuck on a research project, need statistics, or gathering background information? Talk to a librarian without having to leave your home. Continuing Education students can use the email a librarian, text a librarian or chat with a librarian service. Help is at your fingertips! Keep in mind that each service has a specific turn-around time and availability.

Take part in Facebook Live sessions

Did you know that Career Advising and Transition Services (CATS) offers Facebook live sessions? Check the McGill School of Continuing Studies Facebook page for the latest sessions. View past sessions on the CATS website. You’ll get to know the CATS team and learn about building your career from the comfort of your couch!

Get social!

You can message MACES and the McGill School of Continuing Studies Facebook social media accounts with your questions and comments. Don’t be shy! Don’t have Facebook? Twitter is another great way to ask questions and give feedback to improve your experience. Plus, you’ll hear about events and updates first if you follow these accounts, so you can plan in advance!

Get to know your instructors and classmates.

It only takes a five minute chat after class or during break to start building a rapport with your instructor and classmates. Make use of your valuable time on campus by making connections that could serve you in your career. You never know through what connection you’ll find your next opportunity. In general, it’s highly beneficial to build a support network of peers and mentors. Make use of precious in-person time!