Activities to Help You Avoid Holiday Stress

As we head into exam season, here are some ways you can reduce both exam and holiday stress. It’s not easy having both exam and holiday demands on your plate. Here are some ways you can reduce stress and take it easy! 

Bask in holiday lights

There are so many locations all around Montreal where you can find top quality holiday lights! This list is a great place to start. Saint Catherine street is a nearby classic, but you can also check out displays at private homes. 

Visit a holiday market

There’s nothing more relaxing than browsing stalls and vendors selling holiday goods! You don’t have to buy anything – window shop if you like! Here’s a list of markets throughout QuebecIf you’re feeling bold, take a trip outside of town! 

Get dancing

Try this holiday family dance party on the 14th of December hosted by Pine Collective, a healing and arts centre. Or, start your own holiday tune dance party at home. Nothing beats a dance off to Last Christmas.

See the Nutcracker

This holiday classic is playing in Montreal. While not the most economic activity, it’s guaranteed to be spectacular.

Get some quite time in the MACES building

The libraries get busy this time of year until McGill closes. Get some quiet time in the MACES building! Use our computer lab and study spaces.

See Montreal’s Ugly Christmas tree!

It’s a classic. Check out the tree everyone is always talking about. It may be ugly, but it is ours! See it at the Village du Vilain Sapin.