by Xiaojuan Kang 


The first month of 2021 has already passed. What have we done with this time? 

Was this January the same as last year? Did we stay on track with our plan for the new year? How should we adjust moving from one situation to another? With all the uncertainty, I have to say: We should stay focused and stay calm, relax and everything will be okay.  


As we all know, last year was a year of disasters that we did not see comingSome people lost jobs, family members; they lived in uncertain situations. They did not know where they should go, or what the future would hold. I imagine lives of hesitation, lossor suffering. We can attribute all of this to last year’s pandemic situation – it changed our lives. Considering all these past experiences, all we can do is just stay on track and get the job done. 


In this new year, as we all know, some people have been vaccinated. Our fears are shrinking as we see that the problem can be stopped. We can see the lightthe sun, and the new air. Our new life shines, step by step. My soul, my heart chasing the light. How should we stay on track? I have to say: Just feel these feelings, the connections with one another. Then, just do the work of living your life!