MACES is the student association that represents Continuing Studies students at McGill University.
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Welcome to MACES news and events!

On this page, you will be able to view the news & events that MACES has in store for you! McGill Association for Continuing Education Students is very fortunate to hold monthly events which promote networking, socialization and healthy student life. Our events are a wonderful way to get to know your fellow classmates as well as enjoy the beautiful building located in the center of downtown Montreal. We look forward to your participation in all of our events and we welcome your involvement in our community here at SCS!

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MACES Health & Dental Plan

Started on 06/21/2017 by admin at 12:47pm

Photoshop & Illustrator Courses June 2017

Started on 05/8/2017 by admin at 10:24pm

Summer Building Hours

Started on 05/1/2017 by admin at 07:33pm

We're hiring - Computer Lab Monitor Position

Started on 03/30/2017 by admin at 01:02am

MACES Health & Dental Referendum

Started on 03/30/2017 by admin at 12:57am

MACES Elections 2017

Started on 01/10/2017 by admin at 12:42pm

Excel Courses Winter 2017

Started on 01/10/2017 by admin at 12:26pm